Rapid Tagger Features

Some of the obvious, and not so obvious, innovations in this software interface

This program is a metadata utility for power users.

It is designed to perform very specific tasks in a very efficient manner.

id3 Tag Editor

Browse and edit your id3v1 tags, id3v2 tags, and Ape tags with a clear and intuitive user interface.

Compare tags side-by-side

Display, compare, and update multiple tags on the same screen for all the tags stored in your mp3 files.

Integrated preview player

The built in audio player allows you to quickly review your songs. Because it is an integrated player, you can create, delete, and update tag data while listening to the audio file that you are updating.

Internet Search and meta-data download

You don't need to copy and paste information from websites. The integrated Internet Search lets you search, confirm, and merge tag data with as little typing as possible.

Bulk Tag Analysis

Scan some or all of your mp3 collection and measure the health of data in the id3 tags. You can set your own scoring criteria and focus on only the tags that need attention to missing detail.

Cached searches for faster local performance

Rapid Tagger caches web searches to speed up tag searching the same way your browser caches websites.

Multi-monitor support

You can drag the tool windows onto other screens and resize them use as much available space as you have!

One Screen   Two Screens